Access support 24/7 with Carers Connect

If you are a Carers UK member, you have free access to Carers Connect. Just like the previous forum, Carers Connect offers a safe online space where you can chat with other carers and find mutual support whenever you need it.

Online support groups are a safe space for carers to connect regardless of geographical distance, to share their common experiences and provide each other with understanding, encouragement and advice.

How to use Carers Connect

You can log into Carers Connect by visiting

To post, click on New topic with the plus sign, type in Connect with carers: your message with a title, then click the blue + Create topic button. You can add a tag with a relevant topic eg autism, dementia, etc, so other members can find your post more easily. You can also like posts to show support, or share a link to a post or topic by clicking on the chain icon.

Keeping safe

When using Carers Connect, we suggest you don’t post identifying information about yourself, such as your full name or where you live. The friendly moderators monitor the discussions to help keep everyone safe on the forum. If you spot anything that concerns you, you can click the flag icon to alert the moderators.