Carer’s Leave Act comes into force this week!

Carer’s Leave Act coming into force on 6 April

Following the approval of the draft regulations of the Carer’s Leave Act 2023 on Tuesday 27 February, the Act will be coming into force this week – on Saturday 6 April.

This Act is the culmination of years of work and campaigning by Carers UK and many other organisations, and we are excited to know that from this week, it will be taking another step in the right direction, with carers being afforded the right to up to 5 days unpaid leave to tend to their caring role.

This is a huge moment for carers’ rights in the workplace, that they are able to raise Carer’s Leave within their workplace, and that employers take the opportunity not just to implement the legislation, but to improve on it.

Of course, the long term goal is paid Carer’s Leave and Carers UK will continue to work towards this, as well as encouraging employers to bring in paid Carer’s Leave anyway.

You can find out more about the journey of the Carer’s Leave Act and THE continuing campaigns here.