Carers Week Festival in Wigan

Activities,Latest News 10 June 2022

What an incredible event organised by Wigan Council Wigan Borough Carers Team for Carers Week 2022.

The Carers Centre feel very proud to work alongside the most amazing organisations supporting carers and their families in Wigan.

The marketplace was just one of many elements of the event that gave people the opportunity to browse a number of stalls, to chat to support services offering information and advice on their caring role.

We have over 36,000 carers in Wigan making a huge difference to the lives of other people every single day to those they support. Their commitment and dedication is truly inspiring and often without the recognition they deserve.

1 in 5 carers don’t receive any support in their caring role. It is imperative that we all recognise the contribution carers make and help to ensure people get the support they need….not just in Carers Week…but beyond!

“One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value.” Jim Rohn