Events 19 March 2020

In line with the recent guidance, staff are reducing our physical contact and time in the office. We will evolve to a situation where typically if the office is staffed, there will only one person in, so messages on the landline may take longer to pick up on.
Please note
Paul Carroll and Claire Thorpe are on scheduled annual leave this week (16-20th), and I (Peter) am on scheduled annual leave next week. Please don’t panic about these absences.
If any of us need to self-isolate we will update you and do a contact trace for which groups we have helped with and which families we have undertaken home visits.
As it stands the last time staff were at groups is as follows:
Nicola: Turtles Teens 12th March Paul: Parkside 12th March Peter: Estuary 5th March Claire / Sarah: Transition, 26th February
Staff will still be working, incoming assessments will be undertaken via a combination of phone calls and posted forms. We will undertake some new work, catch up on admin, and continue to work to promote support for Young Carers, locally and nationally.
And, most importantly, we will be ready to spring in action running groups etc as soon as this crisis is over.
Nicola, Claire and myself aim to be able to be at the end of the phone for young carers and their families during this period.
Working day generally 9-5 or 9.30-5.30
Nicola Wood (07702 679 068): Normal working days Mon-Thurs
Peter Wild (07834 546 050): Normal working days Mon-Thurs. Working 18/19 then away til 31/03.
Claire Thorpe (07484 679 536): Normal working days, Mon, Weds-Fri. On leave, back in from the 23rd.
This situation is unprecedented and will bring out the best and worst of people.
We as ever will be focusing on bringing out the best in people.