COVID19 and WALYC update

Events 24 March 2020

In view of the PMs announcement of the 24th our “host” building at Compassion in Action has locked down. This is to protect the vulnerable residents they have on site.

We no longer have access to the office and are working on the assumption that we will be unable to check messages on the landline, or access physical mail, after 11.3 0am on the 24th March.

Please note that the office landline has been diverted to the following:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Peter Nicola Claire Nicola Claire
Claire Peter Nicola Peter Sarah
  Paul Peter Claire Paul
    Paul Paul  

Therefore, you will need to ring people directly on their mobiles. If cost is an issue ask us to ring you back.

Each staff member works different days.

MON: Nicola, Peter, and Claire.
TUES: Nicola, Peter, and Paul.
WED: Nicola, Peter, Claire, and Paul.
THURS: Nicola, Peter, Claire, and Paul.
FRI: Claire, and Paul.

Paul Carroll 07546 487063

Nicola Wood 07702 679068

Peter Wild 07834 546 050

Claire Thorpe 07484 679 536


All referrals, should be filled in electronically using word or printed and scanned and sent to Preferably via Egress.

We are looking into an online submission approach for referrals.

Assessments will continue to be undertaken, but via a combination of phone call and posted out paperwork.