For Young Carers Day 2020 we asked parents for feedback about our service. We received some lovely comments.

Events 5 February 2020

My child benefits from these services because it allows her to have a break from her life. She enjoys the services as she can experience new things and activities regularly and she enjoys spending time with her friends at Young Carers. The volunteers are extremely helpful, and she feels as if she can talk to them about anything when she needs to. It allows her to relax and stop stressing for a few hours.

C and A benefit from coming to young carers because they’re meeting over kids like them!

H has made vital friends through going to young carers, his confidence and trust has grown, and he knows there’s other children who care for their parents who get it just the same as him.

The support he gets from his key workers is brilliant he knows he can always rely on them for help and advice.

This service benefits us no end x

I wanted to thank the volunteers who give up their time to run activities, particularly Amanda who runs the younger Turtles group who not only has a family but works as a nurse too and still finds time to take our children out and run the group, and Nicola who runs the Turtle teens group that Z now attends.  Turtles Young Carers group has made such a difference to Z, life with a brother who has Autism isn’t always easy it affects everyday life Z’s brother doesn’t socialize and will only play with Z who gives up a lot of time to spend with his brother who doesn’t know boundaries. It also affects life when we go out if Z’s brother can’t cope with places it means we have to leave or not go in the first place which often means Z missing out. Turtles group has been fantastic, Z gets to go out with children his own age who are in similar situations and understand what life can be like.  He has had an amazing time doing so many activities, golf, roller skating, skate park among others and recently he went on a 2 night adventure weekend in North Wales where he took part in so many activities which not only was fun but encouraged the young people to work together encouraging socializing which sometimes Z struggles and would not have the opportunity to do this if it were not for Young Carers. On other occasions he has made lanterns, flower pot and a Happy box which is great with items to have fun with but also with quotes in and suggestions of things to  do if he is finding things a little hard and he has added things to it like photos of happy moments. The volunteers are so patient and always willing to sit and listen if Z just wants to talk.  I really can’t thank them enough and have made a real difference to Z’s life.


I am writing to say how much that M has enjoyed the many varied sessions that the young carers group puts on.

There is always something good going on which is a great opportunity for M to get out of the house and spend some time with people who are going through similar situations.

This group is of a massive benefit to her.

Thank you very much.

H and B

Over the years we have been lucky enough to have the support of Young Carers family, I say family because that’s how my daughter feels about the whole of young Carers Nicola & the team of Amazing Volunteers that help out week in week out.  L made some amazing friends from accessing Young Carers that are in the same position & understand what L gives up on a daily basis that her other peers don’t. 

When we get the text saying Young Carers are meeting up L mood instantly changes because she knows she’s getting her own time just being a child so mentally it has a massive positive effect for her knowing this time is for her. 

Nicola is always helpful whenever we need advice not just for L but for our son who has additional needs she gone out of her way to find information out to help us get support for him too which we appreciate so much.

Unfortunately due to her brother’s needs & my ill  health we can’t always give her the time she needs/deserves but young Carers take that pressure of us with the ongoing support they give to our family Emotionally, mentally & making things fun so Thank you all at young Carers 

The D Family xx

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Nicola, Peter and the test of the staff for the amazing job they are doing with the children.

I have 5 young children who have all benefited from the weekly sessions. Having the opportunity to meet other young carers has been priceless.

My children to a lot to help me day to day and have more responsibility than most kids their age.

The actual activities are fantastic, and my wife and I couldn’t be happier or more appreciative.

N, my 14 year old, has certainly grown in confidence and L, 13, always looks forward to her evenings out.

A,11, I, 10 and K, 9 have also been able to take advantage of the Cook Club.

My only request would be that people like Nicola and Peter are shown more recognition for the hard work they put in. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this.