Fundraising opportunity: Local Giving Grow Your Tenner

Events 14 October 2015

We are frequently asked whether there is a charge for our services. As a rule there is not, although we sometimes ask for a voluntary contribution to our big summer or winter events.

However, you are still free to donate to the charity via our Local Giving page at

This week would be an ideal opportunity to do this as Local Giving have their Grow Your Tenner offer on, where donations of 10 are doubled. Only donations of £10 count towards this, but with gift aid every donation of 10 equals about 21. Money that we can use to support Young Carers in the Borough. Either through more groups, or bigger, better events.

Feel free to donate, and show your support.

For more information about Grow Your Tenner


If you need any help please call Paul Carroll on 07546 487063 or 01942 679352.

If you are going to donate please do so within the next 7 days as the match funding will finish – Thank you