Introducing our new Student Counsellor, Chipego

Latest News 10 November 2023

We are delighted to welcome and introduce you to Chipego, who has joined WLCC as a Student Counsellor.

We caught up with Chipego and here’s what she said, “Hi there! My name is Chipego and I am a Student Counsellor for WLCC. I am in my final year of my studies in Pluralistic therapy and I began my volunteer placement here at WLCC in October 2023. I see the carers we support as my clients once a week on Friday’s.I was very excited to join the team here as I appreciate how much the standard pressures of life and responsibilities can weigh heavily on our shoulders at times without the further added responsibilities of caring for a loved one. Sometimes, you just need someone to talk to or to walk with you in your journey to improving your mental health and wellbeing and that’s where I would like to come in; walking alongside you to do just that!”

Thank you and a warm welcome from all the team to Chipego.