Men’s Health Week – Support Male Carers

In the News 13 June 2022

It’s #MensHealthWeek and we are encouraging you to stand up and check in on the men around you.

Caring can have a huge impact on your mental health and it can be vital to tell others about the impact it is having on you.

Stereotypes around caring can also play a huge role in making it harder to talk or even identify as male carer.
A survey by Carers Trust and the Men’s Health Forum found that over half of male carers felt they had different needs to female carers and needed additional support on asking for help, meaning they tend to reach crisis point before asking for support.

Make sure the men and boys in your life know that it’s OK to talk about their caring situation and seek help.

If you are an unpaid carer and want further support or help, you can always phone one of our friendly team on 01942 697885 or email us at