Resources in support of Disturbing Social Media content.

Events 8 September 2020


You may already have seen reports about deeply disturbing content on a popular social media app.   We have not seen the content, nor do we wish to, not do we advise anyone else to.    Written accounts of it are disturbing enough.


When disturbing issues like this occur we are torn between wanting to raise awareness, and not wanting to prompt people’s curiosity about it.

We are also aware than given the complex mental health issues amongst both our young carers and the people this issue may trigger strong memories and feelings


Background article on the incident.

⚠️ Safeguarding ALERT ⚠️ – Viral TikTok Video


The NSPCC’s advice on inappropriate content.


Tik Tok’s Guidance for parents.

TikTok app safety – What parents need to know

TikTok app safety – What parents need to know

Experts explain how to talk about suicide with kids by age

Talking to Your Kids About Social Media Safety