Some Borough based mental health support

Events 14 October 2019

This is a composite of several posts that I put on our Facebook group for World Mental Health Day. Cheers Peter

It’s okay to not be okay, but not okay to not look for help.

Over the day I will add information about some Mental Health Related services in the Borough.  

This is a starting point aimed more at Adults.

Children’s Mental Health

Young Minds is the primary site for information on Mental Health for Children and Young People.

As well as condition information, there is information on keeping your own mental health and what do when you think things are taking a turn for the worse for you or someone else.


Outside of the NHS there are several counselling services within the Borough, some focus solely on adults, some cover both

The following is a five point guide to when to seek help.

Wigan Family Welfare.

WFW have several contracts with schools in the Borough and are one of the biggest providers for children. Alongside this they provide anger management for children and adults.

The Willow Project

Current waiting list reported as being six months.  From time to time they approach us about free places. They support adults and children.

Willow also offer a support group Every Monday, 6-8pm, at Atherton, for young people aged 12-15 who are waiting to access, accessing or have accessed counselling.

Pensioners Link

For people over 50 Pensioners Link have a counselling service that operates out of their HQ in Leigh.  Currently the waiting list is around a month, but for people over 50 this is probably the fastest they will be seen in the Borough

Well Womens Centre (Leigh)
Well Women’s services

For women, and they do ask for a contribution.


Counselling for adults who have experienced abuse

DIAS counselling sessions are available to adults who have accessed drop in.

Sessions are offered Monday to Friday and you will be allocated the same appointment time every week for up to 20 weeks.

To sustain the counselling provision they  ask for a small donation per session.

2.    Mental Health Advocacy

Often for complex mental health conditions services may not always work out well.  Wigan Family Welfare offer a range of forms of advocacy services for Mental Health,

3.    Bereavement Support

It is utterly wretched losing someone, and whilst there are many natural processes involved in grief, bereavement can have an impact on mental health.  Wigan council has a list of relevant services, many of whom are local.