Thank you to our volunteers

Events 3 June 2020

Wigan and Leigh Young Carers would like to thank all our volunteers for their support and efforts.

The bread and butter of the support the charity offers is respite via our “after school” groups.

We could not do this without volunteers.
We could not do this without OUR volunteers.

We ask a lot of our volunteers, not just running the groups for young carers, but picking them up in rush hour traffic, listening to their issues, and knowing when a simply a kind word is needed or when greater support is needed from HQ staff.

Each volunteer brings their own personality and experience to their role.

Too often we underplay the breadth and depth of experiences that our volunteers bring to the children they support. Allowing our young carers the opportunity to learn about a great range of life experiences.

From experiences similar to their own, to experiences that may inspire them on to new things.

Whether it is one session a month, or several a week, your contribution and value to us and the young carers is immeasurable.

Thank you from
Peter, Paul, Nicola, Claire, and Sarah

For more information about volunteering with Wigan and Leigh Young Carers read our volunteer stories and see more about applying to volunteer with us.