Thank you to Wigan Rotary Club and Golborne – Lightshaw Rotary Club

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]A heartfelt thanks to Wigan Rotary and Golborne – Lightshaw Rotary Clubs for funding activities at Scotsmans Flash as well as attending and feeding our Young Carers.

The event was aimed at members of Golborne Grasshoppers however, ever on the hunt for extra value for our Young Carers we opened the spare places to members of the Ashton based Jubilee group.

Jubilee and Grasshoppers enjoyed rock climbing, and bush survival, followed by bbq hot dog, baked potato and a fire roasted marshmallow / chocolate biscuit combo. In the afternoon they had a bell boating session including walking in the shallow, swapping boats, and attempting to balance on top of a Buoy. As well as some hard rowing!

The children enjoyed every minute!

Additional thanks are given to the many volunteers who gave up a full day of their time to take kids to and from the activities and supervise the activities.

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