Thank you

Events 16 June 2020

Last week we delivered carers week packs to around 190 Young Carers in our respite groups.

This could not have happened without support from multiple agencies and people.

Firstly, Wigan Council provided financial support for Carers packs.

Secondly, The Bridge, Leigh and Leigh and district Soroptimists provided bags for Young Carers in the junior age in the junior age range within the Leigh district.

Finally, Manchester International Festival provided craft bags for the Young Carers in the junior age range within Wigan.

We also received a grant from Forever Manchester to support this.

In turn our group leaders took the time to find, buy, pack and deliver them.

So thanks to. Deep Breath: Christine (Trinity), Trev (Jubilee and Sunshine), Amanda (Turtles Juniors), Joanne (Parkside, and for covering Grasshoppers), Nicola (Turtles Teens), and Claire (Transition) .

Joanne and Trev have taken on extra deliveries.