Unpaid Carers featured on The One Show

In the News 15 October 2022

We are very pleased to see unpaid carers highlighted on The One Show last night.

The show featured Christie, who cares for her mum. She, like many carers, struggles with feelings of loneliness, pressure and isolation. Sue Perkins and Natalie Cassidy both talk about their personal experiences and what carers do for those that they love.

It is a brilliant and moving film. Thank you for putting a spotlight on the selfless and often unseen things that millions of brilliant people like Christie do on a daily basis and helping to be a voice for so many carers out there.

People need to be able to talk about this more openly without feeling guilty.

If you are a carer and need any advice or support, please reach out, call us 01942 697885

Catch up on Iplayer here, it starts at 2 min 24