Volunteer, Daniel creates amazing art for Carers Centre

Latest News 21 October 2021

We would like to share with everyone this amazing picture that our wonderful Volunteer, Daniel has very creatively produced for the Carers Centre.

Daniel says, “The idea for the painting started from a conversation with Angela. She asked if I could make something simple and A4 size to put near the front door. Initially I was going to paint it digitally but I’ve always preferred making traditional art. Feels like I spend a lot of time on computers so it was nice to come home and work on something not screen based. So I got my acrylic paints out, turned up the music and got stuck in with it.

For the painting, I wanted to just do something that has a friendly and welcoming feel with warm, vibrant colours. My aim was to also show the different kinds of people we get as carers. Hopefully, people will see the image and get the message that we help carers of different ages, ethnicities, disabilities etc. The happy heart in the centre also adds a bit of love to the painting. 

Style-wise, my background as an animation student and love for Saturday morning cartoons as a kid influences the way I draw characters. Hope everyone enjoys the painting, really enjoyed putting it all together.”

We think it’s absolutely superb and we can’t wait to put this in pride of place for all our visitors to appreciate.

Thank you Daniel – we are an extremely talented and gifted young man and we appreciate you so much.