Volunteer Recruitment!

Fund Raising 5 October 2013

We’ve managed really well over the past 12 months to recruit volunteers for our two new Young Carers respite clubs; Trinity Stars are in Wigan and the Grasshoppers are in Golborne. Both new groups are doing well and we thank are new volunteers. Collecting and driving our young carers isn’t the only thing volunteers can do for Friends of Young Carers; Fundraising, raising awareness, cleaning and getting the holiday home ready are also important.

If you want to get more in-depth and go ‘back of house’ then you can also be part of our charity committee. We meet about once every month and talk through our never ending to do list! Looking and applying for funding and grants is a big part of team and Project Managers’ time.

If you think you can afford a couple of hours a week or want to do a sponsored event at your local School/Brownies/Beavers etc then dowload the PDF sponsor form and get raising money. You can also collect money online through Local giving, www.localgiving.com/charity/foyc.