WALYC and WLCC Merger Statement – June 2020

Events 1 June 2020

WALYC and WLCC Merger Statement – June 2020
Wigan & Leigh Young Carers and Wigan & Leigh Carers Centre are currently in active discussions regarding a merger of the two charities, aiming to establish a single organisation that provides recognition and support to all carers across the Wigan borough. Some of the core values of the proposed organisation will be ‘people focussed’, ‘forward thinking’, ‘collaborative experts’ and ‘better together’.

Over recent years a close working partnership has formed between the two organisations, particularly through the development of the Transition Service, helping to create a seamless approach to supporting young carers as they head towards adulthood. Throughout this partnership, staff and volunteers from both charities have shared the same core values and it is with this in mind that we are now moving towards creating a single, unified organisation.

The central objective is to continue the work of both organisations, ensuring that all young carers, young adult carers and adult carers enjoy the same life chances as others and are able to fully maximise their potential.

Building on our current excellent working relationships with Wigan Council, merging will strengthen our interagency approach to support. We will continue to work closely with statutory health and social care services by undertaking carers assessments in line with current legislation; namely the Children and Families Act 2014 and the Care Act 2014.

Our dedicated team of volunteers are the backbone of our endeavours and we believe that combining the two organisations will create a wider variety of roles for all volunteers and will also widen the opportunity for student placements. It will help promote shared knowledge and expertise amongst trustees, staff and volunteers, ensuring a ‘whole team approach’ to delivering a seamless service for all carers across Wigan borough.

The merger will help develop our partnerships with sixth form colleges, universities, local employers and apprenticeships. Working together as one organisation will allow us to develop a dedicated and accredited training programme, offering continued learning opportunities to all carers within the borough.

Strategically, we anticipate this merger will strengthen our position within Greater Manchester’s Combined Authority, ensuring that the voices of all carers of Wigan borough are heard. It will offer the potential for us to share our expertise and knowledge across the wider region and enable us to become an ‘exemplar of good practice’. This merger will widen our connectivity with other carers’ organisations across the region and will ensure that we continue to develop our knowledge and vision.
In terms of future service delivery, operating as a single organisation reduces the possibility of duplication and will help promote long-term sustainability.

Finally, we believe that the proposed merger offers real opportunities to improve the life experiences of all carers within Wigan borough. This will always remain our primary focus.