Young Carer Team Leader, Peter Wild, nominated for BBC Make A Difference Award

Peter Wild “Part of our service is to say: ‘Let’s look at the whole family’.”

Our very own Peter Wild, Young Carers Team Leader has been nominated for a special ‘Make A Difference’ BBC Radio Manchester Award. He is a FINALIST in the ‘A Great Neighbour’ category!!!

This is awarded to an individual or group of people who help to make the neighbourhood or local community a better place to live or work, either on a regular basis or through a single act of kindness.

In this audio, you can hear Peter talking about the Young Carers support and services that have made such a difference to families lives.

The nomination, he says, is not just for himself, but for everyone involved in making a difference in the lives of young carers.

Congratulations to Peter and the team and best of luck at Friday’s award ceremony – we are all rooting for you.