Carers Week – Virtual Activities

Activities,Events 25 May 2022

Mobilise Online have organised a series of online ‘Carers Cuppas’ for Carers Week for carers to join.

Cuppas are a safe, non-judgemental space for you to talk about the things that are important to you as a carer.

Monday 6th June 11am
Start the week right – making the most of Carers Week
Carers week can feel quite intense. Local and national events, caring stories in the media, campaigning voices and awareness raising. Taking a moment together to be in control of our own carers weeks.

Tuesday 7th June 8.15pm – Relaxed chat
A chance to chat to other carers across the UK about the things that matter to you.

Wednesday 8th June 4pm 

New to all this (part 5) – A whole family approach to caring. Welcome to the world of group coaching for carers, Suzanne (a certified coach) will host and explain a little about what coaching is. You can join in with your first group coaching experience and see how you can move forwards.

Thursday 9th June 11am
Putting our wellbeing first
A calming and uplifting cuppa with five simple things you can join in with for your own wellbeing. Feel free to join with your camera on or off.

Friday 10th June 4pm
Funtastic Friday
A fun and relaxed online meet up for carers, join in with the Mobilise version of the Generation Game.

Book for any of these events here.