Carers Wigan and Leigh Annual Survey 2023 findings

Uncategorised 26 April 2023

Today we are publishing some of our findings based on our annual survey 2023 of unpaid adult carers across Wigan and Leigh.

672 unpaid carers responded to the survey, which asked unpaid carers their thoughts on support/services in Wigan and Leigh; what are they most concerned about; their experiences as an unpaid carer and what matters most to them.

What the findings tells us:

The report tells a story of unpaid carers who are deeply concerned about their own health and wellbeing. Many are missing out on doing things for themselves, such as social activities or taking a break, because of their caring role. Many unpaid carers in Wigan and Leigh report feelings of tiredness, disturbed sleep, feeling anxious and often feeling lonely.  Community venues are important to you – accessibility to local support in the area that you live is a priority.


Highlights and statistics from the survey:

How would you rate the service provided to you by WLCC?

79.50% of you said that you would rate Wigan and Leigh Carers as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.


How helpful did you find your carers assessment?

84.4% rated the carers assessment as ‘very helpful’ or ‘extremely helpful’.


How friendly did you find the staff at WLCC?

91% of you said that you found the staff ‘friendly’ or ‘very friendly’.


94% of respondents said that they would recommend WLCC to others who require help and support within their caring role.


What have we learnt:

We have learnt more about how carers feel affected by their caring role.

The 4 key areas of impact include:

Feeling tired (81.9%)

Lack of or disturbed sleep (69.90%)

General feelings of stress (73.10%)

Lack of time for myself (55.20)

Many of you also told us that you struggle to attend events and activities at our Hindley based centre and would be interest to join more activities if they were set up closer to home.

61% also told us that you would be interested to join a range of on-line activities.


Carers Quotes

“I am due for my next assessment in two days time. I have always found them helpful and the grant I have received has helped me to do crafting which is therapeutic for me as we are at home so much. I have also paid for motel rooms so I can visit my family. The person doing the assessment has always been friendly and caring.”

“It’s good to speak to someone and let them know how your coping or what you have to do. Someone who understands what you’re going through.”

“Since I stopped working, caring has become harder,  some days I feel like I am going out of my mind I also feel depressed some days but you just carry on. it would be nice if there is some one I could talk to more often.”

“The service has been excellent. It makes a real difference to people’s lives. Your staff actually care, and that’s worth more than anything.”

“I am a carer but am also on the Appeals Panel. I am so impressed with the staff the Centre has and the efforts they make to reach out.”

“I feel that now your services have a good profile of information sharing & posters, packs etc are available & accessible locally in places that carers would access, the system is working. This shows dedication from staff & volunteers, now supported by dedicated Wigan Council employees.”

“I honestly do not feel the carers centre could make any further changes that I can think of, they offer an excellent service in many ways, all the above comes to mind in what they provide alongside a friendly, professional approach.”

“I see it’s advertised in many places but maybe local supermarket.. Possible more drop in centres in local communities as many people find difficult to travel due to cost, no car, to far, illness need to be close.”

“I am sole carer for my wife who is suffering with long COVID and several other mental health issues. For me I need somewhere to get help and advice about benefits, somewhere to chat and blow steam off and somewhere that understands me and my situation, without any bias.”

“I’m a new career to my 87 year old parents. I’m overwhelmed with the responsibility and don’t know where to start. How do I continue with a life for myself? I don’t know. I can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel and I feel so guilty for feeling this way. One other challenge is I don’t know what I don’t know. If I could go to one place for all the information it would be very helpful. I do plan to call into WLCC when I have a free day. Another challenge is my own mental health. I had plans for my retirement and they seem to be unattainable now.”

“Balancing caring for mum with the rest of my life. Trying not to put the latter on hold. Occasionally conflict with mum as she wants to be independent. Conflict with sibling who are more at arms length.”



Whilst this survey has been inciteful and provided new ideas for new activities in new places, our conversation with you does not stop here.

There is more we can do as a Town, to better support unpaid carers. Based on the findings of the survey, we will work with our staff team, volunteers, trustees and community partnerships to help shape our future offering to carers.

If you have any feedback or suggestions of how we can improve our programme of support to Wigan and Leigh Carers then please do not hesitate to contact us on or 01942 697885.


Thank You

We would like to thank everyone who responded to the survey and all involved in its production.