Greater Manchester Council YC survey. Developed by YCs for YCs.

Events 19 February 2018

Northern Powerhouse / Greater Manchester Council. Call it want you want, but they want to hear the voices and experiences of Young Carers.

1) This was developed by Young Carers, for Young Carers

2) Important chance to get the voice of YCs heard by some powerful people.

Most members from Parkside, Turtles Teens, Sunshine, Trinity Stars and Estuary have filled in the questionnaire and our lovely volunteer Clare is adding these to the main site.

For anyone who missed their last group please 10-20 minutes to fill this in.

We think any children in year 5 and 6 would be more than capable.

Everyone who is in the Transition group should also take the time to do this.

This is a one off opportunity for Young Carers Voices to be Heard by powerful people in the new Greater Manchester council. It gives us leverage to say do more to support Young Carers.