Respite and breaks for Carers

Carers 11 January 2022

We are a referral partner for the charitable organisation, Carefree

We know all too well how challenging a full-time caring role can be, so a few days away with a partner or a friend can work wonders. It may seem like a small thing but our experience shows us that it can make a huge difference. Read a book, go for a walk, or simply catch up on some sleep. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll return home with a whole new outlook on things, refreshed and rejuvenated.

To register for a break with Carefree, you must be a full-time unpaid carer (30+ hours per week) over the age of 21.

There is no charge for the accommodation but you are responsible for all other costs (transport, food, travel insurance etc.) and there’s a £25 admin fee to help with the cost of operating the charity.

The short breaks initiative is specifically designed to give carers some time away from their caring responsibilities. You are welcome to take a companion with you but not the person that you care for. If you can’t go away for more than one night, that’s OK. If you want to travel alone, that’s fine too.

To qualify for a break you must be:

Aged 21 or over
Full-time unpaid carer (30+ hours per week)
Able to arrange interim care
Able to pay for extras (admin fee, transport, food, travel insurance etc.)
Please note: only one carer per household can sign up with Carefree, so if e.g. you and your partner both care for your child, only one of you should self-refer. (You will however, be able to bring a guest, which could be your partner, along with you to your break).

Further details can be found here: or by giving us a call 01942 705959.